Royal Hunter X by Council of Vapor

Designed in the USA

Council of Vapor's Royal Hunter X RDA is the newest rebuildable dripping atomizer in the benchmark setting Royal Hunter series, implementing an innovative two way post system in which users can either utilize a staple clamp method or a dual 2mm terminal method, giving this RDA one of the broadest and most versatile build decks on the market. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Royal Hunter X features an aesthetic that balances aggressive styling with universal appeal, with a crossing milled design on the barrel and the new generation Royal Hunter logo engraving. The build deck is one of the most ambitious designs to date with the integration of both a staple clamp terminal and dual 2mm diameter terminals per post. Each post is also designed to have curved surfacing, angling the 2mm diameter terminals in a way that makes coil placement as organic as possible. Each post is secured via two top mounted flathead screws, and can be used in either staple clamp or dual terminal mode. Airflow of the Royal Hunter X is designed in a variable triple slotted airflow arranged diagonally, with two smaller 4mm by 1mm airslots surrounding a larger 6mm by 1mm per side. The 11mm bore proprietary drip tip is manufactured utilizing extremely heat resistant and impact resistant material, perfect for cloud chasers and high performance builds. Ushering in the new age of Council of Vapor products, the Royal Hunter X RDA effectively implements a dual mode build deck that requires no reassembly along with a stylish exterior.

Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Dual Split Wave Clamp and Terminal Two Post Design
    • Curved Faces Angle Terminals for More Organic Placement
    • Clamp and Terminal System
      • Four 2mm Diameter Terminals
      • Clamp System on Each Post
      • Huge Range of Compatibility with Coil Configurations
      • Top Mounted Flathead Screws
        • Each Post Can Be Used in EITHER Clamp or Terminal Styled Securement
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
    • PEEK Insulator
  • Triple Diagonal Airslot System
    • Three Airslots per Side
      • Two 4mm by 1mm Airslots
      • One 6mm by 1mm Airslot
    • Single Airflow Compatible
      • AFC Controlled
  • Extremely Heat Resistant and Durable 11mm Bore Drip Tip
    • Easy Access for Dripping
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Product Includes:
  • One Royal Hunter X RDA
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Reference Manual
  • COV Sticker

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