WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, A highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada

The Egg Man

The Egg Man - Vanilla (120ml) (Excised)

Size: 120ml
Strength: 0mg

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Introducing The Egg Man! Our original creamy, thick & dreamy vanilla bean blend for all of you flavor-loving aficionados. Treat your taste buds to a sweetly decadent flavor experience every single time you vape! Let the Egg Man take you on a flavor journey you won’t ever want to come back from! (Just don't forget to bring your charger!)


Due to Canadian vape regulations we are unable to name or describe flavours using Confectionary, Desert, Candy, or Soft Drink names and descriptions. If you would like more information on flavours please call us at 905-581-8273 or use the live chat on the bottom right of the page.


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